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Posted on May 14 2017

Step 1: Feel it.

Does it feel like Mother’s Day for you and your family? Mother’s Day is a feeling when you attempt to give everything that your mom gave for you and put that in a letter. Mother’s Day is more about how you feel rather than what you buy, but hey! Every mom likes a gold plated necklace. (Shameless plug)

Step 2: Remember her.

As the years go by we sometimes forget all that our mothers have done for us and begin to disconnect and just call it another one of the holidays. On this mothers day take a moment to remember some of the amazing things that your mother has done for you.  Step 3: Reconnect with her.

Whatever you feel like you need to do to reconnect with your mother goes along way, maybe its an activity that you both cherished when you were younger, maybe its a priceless piece of jewelry that you know she would adore, maybe its just some quality time, either way this day is your opportunity to reconnect with her.

Step 4: Give thanks for her life.

Give thanks for the opportunity to know her, to have met her. Give thanks for the time that you spent with her. Give thanks for the things she taught you. Give thanks for experiencing her love.

Step 5: Honor your other mamas and mama figures.

Honor the women who took the time to “see” you. Reach out to the women who saw your life worthy enough for them to love and care for you as their own. Honor the women who said, “I want to be here for you.” Celebrate the women who considered you to be so special that they invited you into their family, created a space for you at their table, and offered their advice and their embraces in times of need. Call on them. Show them your gratitude. Value them. Honor them.

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