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About Us

Devenie R., Nurse Practitioner,

Founder + Creative Director


   Very Last Detail is a personalized accessories atelier founded by Family Nurse Practitioner, Devenie R.   Since childhood Devenie has maintained a love for helping people, as well as a fascination with jewelry. While providing medical and mental health services to women in a drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility, Devenie made it her mission to show her patients how important they were, despite their circumstances. She began gifting the women with jewelry engraved with inspirational words. This constant visual reminder of their internal strength and power ultimately had a positive outcome on  their recovery.


   In an attempt to reach women across the world with her mission of instilling positivity and hope, Very Last Detail was created. This atelier has since inspired thousands of women around the world using words of affirmation expressed through jewelry. Living by the mantra “I am master of my destiny. I am all that I desire to be,” it’s no wonder Devenie is living out her purpose of influencing women  to explore the journey of self-love and create the lives they deserve.