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Posted on May 21 2017

Have you heard the song Focus by H.E.R. It’s amazing!

She’s a beautifully mysterious singer that is talking about wanting her love interest to focus on her.

A few friends and I were talking the other day about their focus. While there are people that are dedicated to their love interest, there are still others that are more dedicated to their career, business, friends and family. It seems that life can either be a balancing act or a string of unrelated life events, either way, where you put your focus is important to the goals you want to reach.

Here are three great ways to stay focused on the goals that mean the most to you, no matter what they are.

  1. Meditate and Exercise

Meditation and exercise has many health benefits but it also helps you stay engaged with your goals. Think about it, while you are running on a track, it’s difficult to forget that you are running, it’s difficult to forget your record time and try to beat it. Although it seems like this may be unrelated to your goals it can determine how well you stay focused. Prime example PH.D. students love kickboxing, it helps them constantly stay on target and alert.

  1. Focus fitness!

Just one of the exercises available is the 2-10 Focus exercise. It has taken a lot people from their unproductive cycle and put them on the winning track. It’s a creative way to learn more about what distracts you from your goals. It’s a great tool that you can have fun with!

  1. Chew Gum

Everyone loves a stick of gum every now. Little known fact chewing gum actually increases your ability to focus. It’s a great test taking tip used for students and can alse reduce stress and anxiety. Try it.

Click this link to hear Focus by H.E.R. while you focus on your goals!

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