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Posted on June 18 2017

Hello Beautiful people! I am writing today about something that I have realized and I thought that I would share. As the title of this blog says; Life’s Reset Button. Did you know that you can literally reset your life?! What do I mean? Well, as we all face different challenges and barriers to our success you can decide to hit the restart button and literally start over. Not to say you can change your biological identity but when things are not going as desired – hit restart. For instance, you are having a rough month where you feel down and out, bloated or overweight, not where you want to be in life, etc. In this instance you stop all of the negative thoughts, and hit your reset button in your brain. This is to say from this precise moment in time I will make more effort, create a plan of action, and start immediately. Plan out a successful week by meal prepping, applying for a new position, or simply taking a walk daily to get some exercise and personal time in. Everyone’s reset will be different but the common denominator is progress!

Have you ever noticed how a bad morning turns into a bad day? Do you ever ask yourself why? It is because it normally manifests into the rest of your day as that is the energy you are putting out and attracting in return. So to quickly fix this; hit the reset button, take several deep breaths, smile in the mirror, name aloud one thing you are grateful for and watch how you day turns around. This takes practice, trust me!! But, you GOT THIS!!! Let us know when you try it we would love to get your feedback. 

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  • Brittney Kenny: January 15, 2019

    AMEN! You’d be amazed by how far drinking water, controlled breathing and words of affirmation will improve your day and overall quality of life.

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