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Posted on September 16 2016

Top 5 Fashion Must Haves of the Fall

Can you believe that it is already fall? Where have I been for all of Summer16?!?!!! Well, it is now time to prepare for most fashionista’s favorite season. It’s the only time of the year where someone can throw on a bunch of clothes at once and actually pull it off, layering is key. This is actually my favorite season too for various reasons but the slayage that’s about to happen on social media is going to be worth getting your popcorn for. I love to see other women kill this season but I am excited to participate in the fall slayage as you should be too.  So let us get to it! What are the top essentials of fall in order to kill it?


  1. Thigh high boots

There is something about a woman strutting down the street in thigh high boots. Everyone stops and stares because they are eye catching and it shows that you are confident and feeling sexy as hell.

  1. Trench Coat

A floor length fitted trench coat is a must. You can conceivably wear anything under the trench coat and look fabulous.

  1. Dark colored lipstick

I know that people wear plum and black lipstick all year long, however this is the time to do so. A deep plum color with all black is a show stopper!

  1. Jeans

There isn’t much of an explanation needed for this one, jeans are so comfortable and trendy and can be worn in any fashion state of mind.

  1. Leather Moto Jacket

A Leather Moto jack for Fall 16 will be epic. Imagine a Black Leather Moto Jacket with silver hardware, jeans, loose fitting graphic tee, and your thigh high boots! Can we say fashion murder scene?!


Photo of: Kourtney Kardashian

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