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Posted on June 02 2016

1.Minimal makeup

With the rule of thumb, “less is more” in mind, when it comes to doing your makeup for a hot summer day, it is important that you do not overdo it. It is imperative to ensure that your brows and lashes are what I call, Fleeky! A volume plumping mascara and neatly arched filled in brows really go a long way. When wearing foundation during the day ensure it is powder based and applied lightly. There is even a technique that some make-up artists recommend and it’s referred to as the concealer only regimen. You apply concealer to your under eye area, bridge of your nose, and chin then blend until you cannot blend anymore. This look is quick and perfect for a day look.

2.Minimal jewelry

When choosing jewelry for your effortless day look, minimalism is the key. A small dainty necklace that is perched in-between your cleavage makes a bold statement inevitably. As we know, fashion repeats itself and in case you have not noticed, the personalized name necklaces are back and it is said by many fashion influencers that they are here to stay. If you keep current on any of the media, all of the celebrities are wearing these nameplates with their names and some are even sporting their bae’s name. This is a cost effective piece of jewelry that can easily go from day to night with longevity and it represents confidence. This is definitely a must have.

3.Pull your hair back

In most places around the world summer is HOTTT! I know some women have trouble with figuring out how to look polished and fashionable in the blazing heat without feeling like she’s going to pass out at any moment, at least I have lol. Well one simple solution to this is pulling your hair back into a mid-ponytail or messy bun. This not only allows you to show off your greatest assets of your facial features such as dimples, it also allows your neck and face to breathe which is crucial in this weather.


As we mentioned, the summer is hot! It is a no-brainer that cute sunnies are a necessity. Not only are they useful to pull off that high fashion effortless look, they are needed for the maintenance of your eye’s health. When a woman is seen walking down the street in the summer with ripped jeans, loose fitting tank, summer’s hottest strappy heels, and the bulky sunglasses she demands the attention of everyone as she gives off confidence with each strut that she takes.


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