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Posted on June 02 2016

It is without a doubt that dainty jewelry has come back with a vengeance and is now the most stylish attribute to an entire look. Imagine that you and your girl’s have plans on Friday night and you buy the prefect deep-v, fitted, knee length dress to pair with your favorite pair of pumps. After you finish your hair and make-up, you slide into your perfectly fitted dress and you have a bare neck and wrist with no earrings, not even studs. In most cases this will make your entire appearance look incomplete, or shall I say, SLAYLESS! Now imagine the exact same thing but instead of a bare neck you have on a super thin gold box-chain with your first name diamond initial pendant that sits flawlessly in the center of your picture perfect cleavage. You have a tailored inspired bracelet on your left hand with your favorite gold watch and your favorite 5.0mm diamond studs. These simple dainty items have the power to transform your look from plain Jane to another woman asking who’s your stylist.

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