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Posted on July 25 2016

A woman’s sanity can be dependent upon the amount of personal time she gets to herself. There are only a few things that are comparable to mani/pedi or spa days but with the average busy woman’s schedule it is hard to do this daily or even weekly. Wouldn’t a daily spa day be heaven on earth? That is unrealistic, bummer I know but I have the next best thing in which you will thank me later. I have been doing this since my early teen years and quite frankly a lot of people think I am weird until they try it themselves lol. What is this mystery in home spa day you ask? Well here you go!

  1. Take a shower in the dark and light a candle. Taking a shower with only the illuminating light of the candle makes you feel a sense of luxury pampering as opposed to ridding your body of germs (like a norm quick shower). The dim light allows your sensuality to peak and relaxation to take over.
  2. Turn on soft music. With the dim light of the candle and the soothing sound of soft music, this combination will surely put your mind at ease and allow you to escape from the outside world. I personally listen to love songs and jazz music but to each his own
  3. Have your robe and slippers ready. After you are done showering, slowly dry your skin then step into a pair of fluffy slippers and adorn your plush or silk robe that you had on a hanger waiting for you in the bathroom. This will for sure give you that indulged feeling.
  4. Massage your face.  Although the spa is hard to replace, a woman’s shower should be her relaxation time and definitely uninterrupted. It’s your time to either unwind or prepare for a productive day ahead of you. Either way try these tips and let me know how you enjoyed it.

After showering most women apply facial moisturizer. If you do, instead of rushing to apply it, rub it on your gorgeous face slowly and in circular massage like motions. Count 20 clockwise motions per section. If you really want to get fancy you can google your facial pressure points and massage them after your moisturizer has settled in. Not to mention this decreased smile lines and prevents wrinkles!

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