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Stay confident, work hard, and get what you want!

Posted on May 28 2017

Ladies, have you ever had one of those moments where you saw something you always wanted, your dream job posted online, or the man of your dreams walking right past you?


And something always stops you from getting it, something stops you from going for what you really want. Most of the time, that thing that is stopping you, is yourself.


So, why are we sabotaging ourselves?


Through all of my businesses, degrees, and diplomas, I have found that having out-of-this-world confidence is the first step of getting what you really want.


At Very Last Detail, our brand and everything we do screams confidence and we want you to scream it too!


We borrowed a few tips on confidence from the Balance Boldly podcast and Girl Code nonprofit.


Meredith Bell: I continued learning it over the years, the more you can speak with confidence, and certainty about what you have, who you are, and what value you bring, it gets conveyed to the people you are interact with, and it isn’t a matter of being aggressive in any way or anything negative, it’s simply having the belief in yourself that yes, who I am and what I have is of value.


Dana Humphrey:  It always comes back down to confidence, I try being as confident as I possibly can and most problems that people face across the board, especially with my clients and friends that I have, is there internal speak and how we worry about what other people think of them. The number one problem that we as humans have is, that we are constantly thinking, “Oh, what will people think of me?”


Daijah Ross: Don’t be afraid of the power your rays possess, just glow!


Hey, you, yes you! Stay confident, work hard, and get what you want and deserve out of life! <3

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