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Posted on May 07 2017

Have you ever seen the movie 13 going on 30? As most us of have, the rest of  you definitely need to see it. It’s about a 13 year old girl who wishes she was 30 and actually gets her wish. Isn’t it crazy? When we are young we wish we were older and when we are older we wish we were younger. These are 5 things to do before you are 30 that will keep you from wishing you could go back in time.

  1. Travel

Traveling is one of those things that help you get out of your comfort zone and makes you experience new things in life. You get to meet new people and discover new places. So plan your trip, book a weekend, a month, a year! And you can go anywhere in the world!

  1. Trust Yourself

Sometimes we rely on other people to dictate whether we take certain chances in our lives, whether that is accepting a new job, going to school for fashion or buying a house. Whatever  your goal is, as long as it feels right with you, trust yourself and go for it. There is no greater regret than not taking those chances on ourselves.

  1. Create Something

We were created to create something! Whether you want to create a masterpiece, a business, an organization or a child, create something. Being creative is a form of play for kids and adults alike and shouldn’t be exclusive to 13 year olds.


  1. Be Confident In Your Body

We are bombarded with social media pictures of girls and women that are the perfect shape and size and when we look in the mirror and don’t see that, it can bring a world of shame. These ideas of beauty should not be your own. When you look in the mirror you should be comfortable with that you have and in what proportions you have it. Don’t try to fit in with the models and stay away from the dangerous “waist-clinchers”

  1. Find a Best Friend

However old you are you might have trouble finding a best friend that stuck with you, maybe you lost a lot of friends because you all just went on different paths. Either way, it’s time to make more friends, find someone that you can rely on to call when you are having a bad day, someone that wants  to go out for mimosas and brunch. Someone you can watch romantic comedies with and have inside jokes with.

This is just a brief list of things that I think are great to do before 30. What are some of your goals before 30?

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