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Posted on May 04 2017

A lot of what we read online is articles and posts reminding us to take care of our physical health and make sure that our bodies are working at their optimal levels. I think it’s time we place a bit more focus on our minds and our mental health.

In a world where young girls and women are constantly being scrutinized, it’s important that we talk about self-love and ways to cope with negative thoughts and behaviors.

When it comes to celebrities and the familiar faces we see online, it’s hard to know exactly what someone’s going through. In the famous example of Kanye West, we didn’t know he wasn’t okay until something big happened. We don’t always know how someone’s feeling based on his or her outward appearance.

I want to have an open conversation with you all and talk about stress, mental health, anxiety and how to cope with it all. Sometimes, it’s just nice to know that someone else is going through the same problem.

One important part of this equation is to recognize your bad habits, and how your coping mechanisms might be negatively affecting you. While it might be easier to avoid our feelings and turn to other forms of distraction, the healthiest thing to do when you’re stressed is to address the problem head-on.

For me, I find comfort in helping others with their problems. This might be a mere distraction for me, but I find it calming to know I’m helping someone else. I love to write down my feelings and get everything out. That way, I can physically see the problem in front of me.

Find what makes you happy, but make sure it’s positively affecting your body and your mind. If you love to get up early and work out, go for it! If you’re not a morning person (I get that), a simple journal might do the trick for you. Find a friend, find an outlet, and do what makes your mind happy. The happiest and most confident women are the ones who place equal importance on physical health and mental health. J

What do you do when you’re stressed? Are you aware of how your actions are affecting your mental health?

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