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Posted on April 30 2017

This year marks my last year of my undergraduate degree and the beginning of my graduate degree. I have had my doubts about making this big leap in my life.

I thought, “What if I flunk out?’ or “What if I don’t make enough money to cover the expenses of the program?” All of these worries and doubts started to become a reality. I became super stressed and anxious about my leap and I went to my trusted mentor about this huge transition in my life.

I had a difficult conversation with one of my mentors, Naketa Thigpen and she asked me,

“Well, what if you succeed?”

This question changed my outlook on graduate school and everything that was waiting for me there.

I realized that sometimes we ask ourselves bad questions and we get bad answers. But what if we began to ask ourselves good questions like, “What if I make more money than I expected?” After Naketa asked me this question I began coming across scholarships, grants, schools that fit my schedule and everything fell into place.

These are the million dollar questions that change lives for the better. These are questions that come from thinking positive and it can really change your perspective, increase your courage to take that leap and help you find solutions. We constantly ask ourselves questions, so why not ask questions that give us good answers?

Using these million dollar questions will have a trickle-down effect, everything around you becomes positive, and every cloud begins to have a silver lining.

I’m glad I know my million dollar question.

What’s yours?

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