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Posted on April 23 2017

We all have our confidence challenges. A confidence challenge is a situation or situations that moves us into a space of self doubt and we begin to stop believing in ourselves.

Here is a sure-fire way to get us all from self doubt to confident. Just remember this simple acronym when you are in your confidence challenge.



V is for Validate

L is for Liberate

D is for Dare



When we begin to doubt ourselves we should validate first. Most of the time we lack confidence because we listen to people that doubt us or we tell ourselves negative things. For instance, if you are an aspiring blogger you might tell yourself that you will never become a blogger because you don’t have time. When we take a moment to validate this we ask ourselves if this is actually true or not. Validating is a big step towards getting your confidence back.


Next, liberate yourself from those negative thoughts. Don’t let your thoughts control you, you control your thoughts. Give yourself permission to let those self limiting thoughts go, whether they are true or not. Let go of the bad feelings. Just breathe, you are in control.


Lastly, dare! Dare to go for that goal! Dare to start your blog! Dare to wear those shoes! Dare to buy that dress! Dare yourself to get whatever you want out of life!

Just remember the hashtag. #VLD.

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